interesting poll - 21/10/08

From Buck on October 21st, 2008


From Brent on October 21st, 2008

Haven't read all of the article but it is an interesting poll. I think it demonstrates the racial polarization of the American military - a very scary thought. Also, the poll was taken before the debates - I'd be interested to hear the results of a poll now, although I don't think they'd be drastically different.
Also, polls are irrelevant.


And the poll was before Powell endorsed Obama.

From Buck on October 21st, 2008

True, all polls are irrelevant but some may be less irrelevant than others, and I say this one is less so than the international opinion polls, seeing as how the troops have much more invested in the outcome of this election.

The reasons polls are irrelevant is because their meaning simply depends on how you interpret them. That poll could show racial polarization because black people are going to tend to vote for Obama because he's black, or it could show that whites don't want to vote for the black guy. It also could just show that blacks tend to vote democrat (which they do). I think though that people in the military would be less inclined to vote for reasons of race because of their lives literally being at stake. Maybe they are more for McCain because they realize that with a son in Iraq and another son in the Navy, and with personal experience in combat (and being tortured) he will make prudent decisions with regard to foreign policy, particularly involving the military. Anyway, didn't quite get the racial thing except maybe blacks generally being for Obama as in civilian polls, but you are right about Colin Powell maybe having some influence, don't know about after the debates though because people have seemed to generally agree, neither did really spectacularly well. Anyway, just thought I'd throw a poll of my own at ya!

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