the truth is somewhere in the middle - 7/10/08

From Brent on October 7th, 2008

Yeah, I realized afterwards that it wouldn't make much sense to send each other stuff that supports the others view. So yeah I think I was just tired after working last night haha. I just don't like those sort of independent websites, conspiracy theory type places, for both sides. They're just too biased and not at all credible.

When I read anything I honestly think that you should read the left and read the right, the truth will be somewhere in the middle. I don't take anything at face value without reputable sources.

I did read the links you sent me, but don't have the time right now to find out how Obama voted. I'm attaching two things for you: one is my current background (lol), and the other a political cartoon, hopefully inciteful.

From Buck on October 7th, 2008

Haha, I think I may have to snag that Obama pic, it's awesome! And McCain looks like a giant tumor in that cartoon.

And no worries, I know you read both sides, just like I know you know I do. I guess you hadn't really read/watched that video you sent me but just a warning it's not nearly reputable enough to be as far left/as smearing of the right as it is.

Gonna have to be offline for a bit now. All this browsing/chatting while at work has killed my battery. See you tonight!

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