debate night - 7/10/08

From Buck on October 7th, 2008

Haha, yeah I guess you did hit a bit of a nerve. I actually didn't watch it either, but I read what it said on the side and dismissed it pretty quick. As I said, this "Keating 5" scandal is history, something that McCain was found innocent of and he personally admitted the mistakes he made. The New York Times wrote a big article a while back when he clinched the nomination trying to bring it back up, bundling it with a totally unfounded accusation of adultery... they were attacked pretty hard for the blatant biased slander and they never did a follow up story. There's a reason the media's not talking about it.

Looking into the scandal, you'll see that it doesn't so much show his probable approach to the current crisis but more how politics can get messy and sometimes people make mistakes. What will more accurately show probable approaches is what they have actually done, and even before he was running for President or the crisis blew up McCain was leading the call for more oversight. You should at least look at the last link I sent you because it's short and it shows what McCains actual (not probable) approach was. Also if you can, see if you can see which way Obama voted.

Yeah, I realized afterwards that it wouldn't make much sense to send each other stuff that supports the others view. So yeah I think I was just tired after working last night haha. I just don't like those sort of independent websites, conspiracy theory type places, for both sides. They're just too biased and not at all credible.

I actually just had the bike out cause I had work immediately after class so needed to get there fast. Took a coworker home though after. Fun drive at 1 in the morning, for sure.

See you tonight then. Should be a good debate too, townhall-style!

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  1. Great blog! I'm enjoying the reads... Debate, politics... these are a few of my favorite things ;)