global polls and nuclear proliferation -9/10/08

From Brent on October 9th, 2008

Some global polls:

One of my greatest fears is nuclear weapons (not energy). We both know the NNPT is being flagrantly violated by most nuclear powers. But what does the public think?

-The goal of eliminating nuclear weapons is supported by 73% of Americans and 63% of Russian populations.

-Most Russians (72%) and Americans (80%) also favor a new treaty banning all weapons in space.

There is a lot of talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict, and how different nations side. What does the global public think?

-Most publics oppose taking sides in Israel-Palestine conflict. Three side with Palestine (Egypt, Iran, and Turkey), none side with Israel (including the USA). Most favor UN playing robust role in peace enforcement.

And always, talks about Iran developing nuclear weapons (which I don't think they would EXCEPT as deterrent, and even then ...). Again, what does the Iranian population think?

-Iranians oppose producing nuclear weapons (58% against, with 23% thinking it is permissible), but 81% agree producing nuclear energy is "very important" for Iran.

Its a really interesting site. What do you think?

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