economic guru - 8/10/08

From Brent on October 8th 2008

I did read the article. I read the part you quote, too. And, as I said, I don't think either of the candidates represent real change, but that given the choices, as usual we (and by we I mean you and the rest of the eligible US voting population) must choose the least of all evils, and in my humble opinion, in terms of foreign policy and global opinion, Obama would be that choice.

What I meant by that comment ("I think it is a trend that might spread...") is that I have read, in the past, theories that the US dollar will not be the globally accepted currency for much longer. I don't know if they were credible sources or if it will happen, but when I read that article I was thinking "I've read something like that before"...

You are the economic guru, lol. I don't claim to know too much about it (although I can offer my utopian view), but I do think I have some knowledge of social and environmental issues, domestic and otherwise.

By the way, my girlfriend was wondering if you and your girlfriend would be up for a Euchre night? I've never played but she thought it might be something we could do unrelated to politics lol.

From Buck on October 8th 2008

That's alright, but your humble opinion is WRONG! Haha, just kidding. "I don't know if you noticed but we have lights..." debating can be fun!

I've read that theory too. Actually, there were talks last year of shifts towards the Euro when the dollar was becoming increasingly weak. The reason other countries use the U.S. dollar is less political and more strategic, to avoid volatility. The U.S. has very little chance of experiencing any hyper-inflation so countries will use dollars or peg the exchange rate just so that when a government says there won't be hyper-inflation, it'll be credible. Credibility has a large effect on currency rates, it's pretty interesting actually how much whether people believe if the treasury secretary/Fed chairmans say they want to lower inflation actually effects things.
Euchre night sounds great, we are down! (can we still talk politics though... :( haha)

From Brent on October 8th 2008

Euchre night sounds great, Rosario and I are down! (can we still talk politics
though... :( haha)

Lol, thats what I said!

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