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From Brent on October 23rd, 2008:

lol, and this: http://www.conservativesforchange.com/

From Buck on October 23rd, 2008:

Oy, had to stop half way through. Some of things were uneducated. It's really clear that not only has McCain run a poor campaign that doesn't reflect how he would be as a President (because I've read things about him now and how he was before that are drastically different then how he presents himself through his campaign) and also how clever and brilliant of a campaign Obama has run. It's really sad.

Quick note, how well you run a campaign surely does not reflect how good of a president you will be. Bush ran brilliant campaigns in 2000 and 2004, one of the best campaign machines in decades, and well... we know where that got us.

So sad that this is what politics is. "I want change... blah blah blah." My dad put it really well, Obama has pretty much just become a screen onto which the world is projecting what they want from a president. It doesn't matter what he wants to do, what his proposals are, what he's done. He's presented himself in such a way, that people see whatever it is that change means to them.

The guy that said he wants Obama because we've moved too far to the right and so he hopes this will move us back in the other direction, is clearly a bit misguided. First both candidates are more to the left and McCain disagrees with Bush on many key conservative issues. Second, there's going to be a Democratic majority in congress even larger than there is now! maybe even a veto proof 60 in the senate. C'mon

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  1. I couldn't get that link up at the top to work. And yes, candidates do totally act different during a campaign than they do in office - Nixon said a Republican presidential candidate has to run to the right to get nominated and run to the center to get elected. And Obama promoted FOCA during his campaign but now that he's won he has said that radical piece of legislation is "not a priority."