there is a large amount of distrust - 23/10/08

From Buck on October 23rd, 2008

To your point about why it has to be the case that there is a game of chicken is that there is a large amount of distrust. It seems to be a part of human nature to not only be distrustful but also deceitful which just keeps the cycle going. This is the case most of all when looking at extremist Muslim ideology. Even though it is held by a very small minority, there is the thought that your and others' sacrifice are worth the cause of jihad. That's something that makes the thought of Iran and north Korea with nukes so scary because they are known to fund and supply jihadist groups.

The US is currently negotiating a withdrawal of forces agreement. As of now, it looks like troops will be totally out by 2011 including bases. US troops will also be subject to Iraqi law when off duty.

The embassy is another issue. Lots of countries have embassies in other countries, granted the size is an issue. In Peru the US embassy is bigger than any other Peruvian government building but no one is protesting the US military presence in Peru... It does however give a bad impression of US egos. It sounds like a lot of the size of the embassy is as a result of it wanting to be self sufficient which would reflect the lack of faith in Iraqi stability in the near future which would make sense and also of the US being a target of violence for still some time. But there is nothing wrong with an embassy.

As for drinks I work tomorrow night but get off around 9 and then the rest of the weekend I'm free as well. Saturday night works for me. Should we merge this with eucher night or save that for another time?

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