we are witnessing the death of a nation - 10/10/08

From Brent on October 10th, 2008:

Lol, this made me chuckle: "Latin leftists gloating over 'Comrade' Bush's bailout"

And something else from Chomsky that is anti-Obama, concerning the Israel/Palestine conflict. Note I am transcribing this from a lecture of his ...
We are witnessing the death of a nation, something that doesn't happen very often, called 'politicide' ... What does Obama have to say about this? ... You can look at his website and you'll find this: "Our first and incontrovertible commitment in the middle east must be to the security of Israel, which is America's strongest ally in the middle east." Well there is a security problem, namely for the Palestinians. The question for them is survival and it isn't clear that they will survive. But there is nothing here about our commitment to security for the Palestinians, and for good reasons. They at most could be a weak ally of the USA, and there is a general operative principal that human rights are essentially determined by your contributions to power, privilege, and ideological needs, and Israel makes major contributions, so therefore they have rights, and Palestinians make no contributions, maybe even a negative contribution by their existence, so they have no rights. And Obama is quite clear about that.
Obama also tells you on his website that he favors increases in foreign aid, and gives his reason: "To ensure that funding priorities to Israel are met, military and economic, so for that reason we have to increase foreign aid. Also, Israels right to exist as a Jewish state must never be challenged." As far as I can tell, he's not on record saying that the existence of any country as a white state, or christian state, or muslim state, must never be challenged. You can check and see. But in the case of Israel, yes, it has to be. Can't be challenged.
Furthermore, we can't recognize Hamas, he says, which is correct. It is logically impossible for the USA to recognize Hamas, it would be like Germany recognizing the Democratic Party. It's a party, you can't recognize it. So we won't recognize the elected government in Palestine, which happens to be led by Hamas. And that makes sense on the basis of our conceptions of democracy, in fact it is very illustrative of them.
Palestinians voted the wrong way in a free election, therefore they have to be punished. That is so obvious that you can't even find a comment about it in the free press or anywhere else, cause it's obvious. You vote the wrong way in a free election you must be punished, that's democracy ...
It's totally irrelevant that Hamas has repeatedly called for a peaceful two state settlement of the Israel/Palestine problem, in accord with the overwhelming international consensus, which is barred and opposed only by the United States and Israel... Washington and Israel oppose it, therefore it doesn't matter if Hamas supports it along with everyone else ...
Where does this leave us with regard to the Palestinians? We have two possibilities: one is that the USA will join the international consensus, and Israel will go along with it, as it has no choice. Meaning the USA will accept a two state settlement on the international border, a position the USA has unilaterally blocked for 30 years, with very rare and brief exceptions, and Israel as well.
The other possibility is that the USA and Israel will continue doing what they are doing, right before your eyes, a policy that the Prime Minister of Israel called 'convergence' to rousing applause in the United States... meaning Gaza is turned into a prison where the people can rot, Israel can use it for target practice. As far as the West Bank is concerned Israel will annex everything inside the so called separation wall, which should be called the annexation wall, it's no longer in doubt, which includes valuable land and resources... All of this is totally illegal, there is an authoritative opinion in the world court, unanimous, including the US justice in a separate declaration, that any settlement in the West Bank is illegal in violation of International Law. No disagreement about this in the world, except the Israel High Court, and some people here, so it's all illegal... but that doesn't matter, the government supports it so it doesn't matter ...

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